Handy Household Tips for ProtectingYour Pipes

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The big freeze is over but it’s not all smooth sailing from here on out. The cold weather can wreak havoc on our homes so now the sun is beginning to shine it’s time to make sure our houses have survived the blustery cold, first things first: protect your pipes.

1. Wrap Your Pipework

If you’ve suffered from frozen pipes this winter the best way to ensure against it in future is to insulate your pipes from the cold. If there’s an unheated part of your home like your garage or loft your pipework could be at risk of freezing which will cause more than a headache down the line, the best thing to do is wrap the pipes so they keep warm in the freeze so you don’t have to worry.

2. Turn Off Your Water

If you’re taking a trip away this spring/summer make sure not to leave your water flowing while you leave. Taps, pipes, showers and appliances can leak while you’re away or there could be another cold snap while you’re not around to take charge, make sure to turn your water off at the stop tap for peace of mind that nothing can go wrong.

3. Bury Them Deep

Make sure outside pipes are buried at least 750mm to 1350mm underground to protect them from the elements, the ground offers perfect natural protection so make sure it’s utilised.

4. Don’t Ignore The Dripping

Dripping taps and leaking pipes may not seem like a huge problem but they will keep your water bill soaring every month and can cause long term rust and water damage to your home; get rid of the problem as soon as it starts by seeking out a professional to take a look and fix it while it’s still a small job.

5. If The Worst Should Happen

If you find yourself in the midst of a burst pipe the important thing to remember is not to panic! Turn off your water supply, control the leaking with towels and call an emergency plumber, don’t try and fix a problem yourself if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing or it could cost you in the long term.

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