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Though you use water every day, when was the last time you thought about your house’s plumbing and heating systems?

It’s an unfortunate truth that most people do not regularly maintain these systems or at least take steps to ensure their smooth operation and to minimise potential damage in the future.

You’ve probably heard this already but regular maintenance (at least once per year!) is one of the key things you can do to keep all those important systems running as they did on day 1!

We can offer you comprehensive annual servicing which will cover all of your heating and plumbing systems as well as your bathroom appliances.

For instance, here’s what we’ll do for your boiler:

✓ Check for leaks.
✓ Inspect the controls and main components.
✓ Check the gas pressure.
✓ Ensure that the flue is safe and sound.
✓ Make sure you’re properly informed about the boiler’s safety.

Not only will these checks ensure that your systems and appliances will keep working for as long as they can, they will also keep you safe from leaks and minimise maintenance costs in the future!

With all of our engineers being Gas Safe registered, you can be sure that your plumbing and heating are in good and qualified hands.

During the annual servicing, you should also feel free to ask our expert engineers any questions you might have about heating and plumbing. For instance, they’ll be able to recommend the right boiler for your needs!

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver a fast, efficient, and cost-effective service for all of our customers.
So don’t wait any longer, call us today for a free quote!

North London Heating And Plumbing offer comprehensive annual servicing on all heating, plumbing and bathroom appliances. Maintaining your boiler, for instance, is the only way to guarantee receiving the maximum life span from the unit. A service will make sure you preserve its efficiency, comply with safety standards and save money on heating bills and replacement costs in the long term.

North London’s team of professional and highly trained engineers have a wealth of knowledge and servicing experience. You can be sure to receive a fast, efficient level of customer care at the best possible price. As a Gas Safe registered company, we’re renowned by our customers for our friendly approach and value for money. Get in touch for a free quote and a guaranteed 60-minute response time. Failing to address plumbing and heating deficiencies is safety hazard, whilst also costing you valuable time and money in the future. We’ll be happy to help you prevent problems before they arise.




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