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Top Tips For A Warmer Home This Winter

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The NHS recommends that anybody with reduced mobility or health conditions should aim to heat their home to a minimum of 18°c this winter, to stay happy and healthy. This seems like a simple enough request, yet such a simple task could prove impossible should your boiler choose to break down, or your central heating choose to wind down and take a break.

Here is our list of symptoms to look out for, and some examples of how you can prevent your heating system from taking a holiday of its own this winter.

Heating Troubles

Popular issues people experience with their home heating includes:

  • No central heating at all
  • Central heating not heating as much as usual
  • Fully functioning central heating, without hot water
  • Boiler pipes leaking
  • Increase in noise from the boiler

Bleed Your Radiator

There are one or two things you can do to help keep your heating systems working efficiently. In preparation for the colder months, we highly recommend bleeding your radiators. It is an extremely simple task and will increase the efficiency of your system. If your radiator is only partially warming up, bleeding it should solve that problem.

Re-pressurise Your Boiler

Secondly, if you have a combi boiler, you might find it cutting out due to low pressure. By simply re-pressurising and refilling your boiler, you won’t have to worry about it switching off at inopportune times. However, it is important to consult your manual before making any changes to your boiler, as some models should only be touched by a professional.

Service Your Boiler and Replace Old Models

Finally, if your boiler was already installed when you moved into your property; it may be an idea to look at investing in a new boiler before winter sets in. It is recommended that boilers should be replaced every 15 years, so if your model is reaching that age, it might be worth looking into.

According to Which, you should have your boiler checked by a Gas-Safe-registered professional on an annual basis. What better time to book this essential service than before the weather turns cold, and boiler companies are inundated with requests?

Our team at North London Heating and Plumbing are fully accredited in carrying out a wide variety of heating and plumbing services. We will even provide a free diagnosis of the problem with your heating system and continuously maintain swift response times, making us your number one choice every time. Get in touch today to book our professional and customer focussed service.




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