Home Air Conditioning in Hertfordshire & North London

Low Cost, Modern Home Air Conditioning.   House, Flat and Room Air Conditioning Installation.  We can install  systems in a day.  Bosch Climate inverter air conditioning units can save up to 40% over a conventional system in running costs with AAA rating

5 year Guarentee on all installs

 Our air conditioning systems will provide both heating and coooling.  They are perfect for bedrooms, lofts, lounges & open plan.  Super quiet mode means they are barely audible when operating.  Bosch Climate air conditioning units achieve a high level of energy efficiency thanks to their DC Inverter technology. 

We can generally offer next day installation and most installs are done in a day.   We use masks and special suits at this time and additionally wipe all surfaces with disinfectant where we need to work.   We are generally only inside a property for around 1-2 hrs and can work room by room allowing social isolation.


  • Can Fit into Almost Any Room
  • Modern Sleek New Designs
  • Maintain a constant temperature with minimal fluctuations
  • Air Conditioning Installation requires minimal Time in your Home.
  • A Cool Home is a Happy Home!

Bosch Experts

We are Bosch approved installers and have selected them as they offer the follow features


  • Fast Installation
  • Energy efficiency rating of A++ for cooling and A+ for heating
  • Quiet & Compact
  • Turbo mode & Remote Control

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0208 883 5999


Give us a call so that we can explain how air conditioning could work for you.  We can offer the most competitive pricing in the Hertfordshire and North London area where our engineers are based.

Will it work in all areas of my home?

We can design systems to work in any thing from one room up to the whole house

Is it expensive to run?

By using A+++ technology, running costs have been massively reduced.

How Long Does it Take to Install

Most of our installs can be done in a day.

Can I install it myself?

Installers must have appropriate refrigerent handling qualifications hence are always installed by professionals.

Are they Reliable?

We offer a 5 yr guarentee and Bosch have an unparalleled reputation.

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