Heat Pump Installation

North London Heating and Plumbing are Master TEC Vaillant approved installers of class leading Heat Pumps in the UK

Vaillant Heat Pumps and NLHP

NLHP are Master TECH approved installers of Vaillant Products.   Our Engineers receive specialist training on Vaillant’s world class range of products so that you can be sure everthing will be installed correctly and safely.

Free House Survey

For the best performance, your home should be well insulated and have a low heat loss – we can can carry out a full heat loss calculation to work out which model of heat pump will work best.

Linking into your Existing System

Our heat pump design and installation team will design and confirgure  a system that will take into account your existing radiators, water cylinders etc.   We have been installing heating systems for 25 years and have all the skills to integrate new heat pump technology.

Our Quotations

Because we are heating specialists, we can accurately provided detailed quotations which will help you plan and budget – with no surprises down the line.  We are a family business that keeps our overheads low.   We don’t pay expensive sales people or have large showrooms.   This means that we can offer the best possible installation pricing to our customers whilst at the same time offering the backing of being a Vaillant Gold Master TECH installer – which is the highest level of accreditation that can be achieved for installers.

Next Generation Heat Pumps

Vaillant Flexo therm is one of the greenest heating systems, because it uses re-newable sources to create free energy. It is simple to install in around 3 days and features intelligent weather compensating conrols and wifi connectivity for remote operation.


Luxury Showers

Dedicated Site Manager

Our Manager will get daily updates from the installers from the day the project begins. We provide a schedule of work to be completed each day so you know that everything is progressing in a timely fashion, and we’ll also receive photos that document the process.

Thinking of a Heat Pump?

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