Plumbing and 24/7 Boiler Repair

From life’s little emergencies to that dream new kitchen – we’ll take the strain.

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London Emergency Boiler Repair

General Plumbing

Need an outside tap?   Fed up with the bathroom tap dripping?  Experienced qualified plumbers offer flexible working times to suit you and can offer advice on the latest products – did you know your stop tap can now be replaced by a push button?  No more turning that stiff old tap when you go away!

London Emergency 24 / 7 Boiler Repair Service

Our 24/7 emergency boiler repair service ensures that you’re never left in the cold. With rapid response times and skilled technicians available round the clock, we’re your trusted partner for quick and reliable solutions when you need them most. Your comfort and safety are our priorities.   Boiler Repair and Breakdown Specialists.

Kitchen Fitting

Does your current kitchen need an uplift?   Or do you need a new design based on new space saving appliances?    We have a top design and build team that can cope with everything from that need to move the sink to the other side through to ‘lets start again’!